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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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ton there is concern he may harm himself and the boy. now police believe he is headed south on i-5 perhaps towards los angeles. kristi smith is live in san francisco with the breaking details. what have we learned? >> reporter: as you said the district attorney's office here in san francisco says they have information that the spungt suspected abductor may be heading down i-5 to southern krall california. they say he has been acting erratically and the amber alert was issued for the entire bay area and includes southern california. all to bring 20 monthland -- 21 month old makai back home. the mother and father have joint custody. the father is 30-year-old jason lam and when he didn't return the boy the mom got new custodyual status and filed the police report. we were told he was driving a tan toyota controla.
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the situation became more urgent when investigators learned he had recent mental break downs and did in the return the son. >> we always take those serious. but you can understand that is not the same scenario when you have some concerns for the safety of the child. that is what happened today. as we continued the investigation we realized that this is one of those that we need an amber alert. >> reporter: this is a picture of jason lam and little makai believed to be taken at a supermarket in menlo park yesterday. investigators are there looking for leads. but again considering he may be heading towards southern california. jason lam is 5'3", 145 pounds, now the license plate on the car that he was believed to be driving is 5 sey 238. again if you see him the car or the child you're asked to call 911. reporting live in san francisco kristi smith, nbc.
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>> thank you. let's look another look at the father and boy. if you see them at all you're rjd to call 911, not to intervene. of course we'll continue to follow the story bow both on air and online. other top story on the friday evening is the heat. live look in san jose and dublin for some of us temperatures reaching into the 90s. it's getting hotter over the weekend. here is a suggestion. let's hit the beach. how about this. nbc bay area sky ranger has the right idea flying over ocean beach in san francisco just a short while ago. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us with a look at the current conditions and this weekend's barbecue forecast, jeff. >> could be good for that. as hot as 92 morgan hill np 91 in san francisco appear heit high pressure continues to build into tomorrow that's why we think things getting hotter quick preview of the time line shows tomorrow morning sunny with 65 up to 77 by 11:00 a.m.
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and then a hot 94 as we approach the afternoon. certainly near some record setting heat not only warm here but across lake at a tahoe a new flood warning issued. heading up there near a creek river or extreme watch out because the snow melt is happening pass. next update in 15 minutes. >> see you shortly. you can track the hot temperatures from the palm of your hand with our free nbc bay area app. really a great resource. download it for the 78 and android devices. >> new as six tonights free peach or hate speech a reportedly mocking muslims used as part of student election in east bay. the student shooting the reid is suing the cruel as other parents question why he wasn't more hahnerly punished. nbc bay area joins us live in danville. the school district reinstated the teen who shot the video as student body president.
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>> that's right. that's what some parents were upset about. one woman we talk to agreed to talk on camera. she said she wasn't so upset about the video itself. it was a young man who made a poor decision had no ill intent but she said the school district missed an important opportunity to teach not only the boy but also other students about being responsible and using good sense. . as classes wind down at sand ramon valley high school the student body just elected a new president for next year. but some parents question whether that boy whose identity we are not releasing should be in that role. >> thoroughly models in their school. >> karen knows the responsibilities of the role model because her daughter is the current president. before she ran for that position she had to sign a contract stating she would not campaign using inappropriate messages based on things like race or anything which could be construed as bullying. karen says the newly elected president violated that promise when he produced and showed a
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campaign video depicting muslim terrorists with guns. the intended joke vote for me and i will protect you from isis. >> i think it was the work of the -- a young guy who was trying to do something funny and didn't really think through what he was doing. >> the district initially stripped the boy of his presidency but then reinstated him according to the parents after the boy's mom and dad complained. >> i can't share anymore details other than to let you know that we believe the situation has been resolved. >> district spokesperson says it was determined the boy's video could be protected by the first amendment free speech right. >> that's part of the outrage was at parents we're working hard to try to teach our kids right and wrong and there are contracts and boundaries in the school. >> all the schools have practices in place to teach students and staff about ra equity. >> reporter: now the boy's parents who is 17 did file an intent to sue with the courts
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here saying that they plan to sue in the boy's name in the student's name who i said is 17. the city -- or the school district just responded with in response basically saying since he is only 17 he is not old enough to bring a lawsuit. also they said that law gives teachers a lot of discretion on disciplinary issues like this. live in danville thom jensen nbc bay area. >> just a few hours president trump landing in saudi arabia this begins his first foreign visit as president, five countries in all. but there is plenty of trouble for the president here at home. once again, a lot to digest here. here is the latest former fiv director james comey will now testify before a senate committee investigating russian interference with last year's election. and perhaps a link to the trump campaign. . in happens after memorial day. also "the new york times" reporting the president described comey as "a nut job" to russian officials visiting
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the white house. and the "washington post" reporting a senior trump adviser is now considered quota person of interest, in the russia investigation. our conche continuing in 25 minutes. we'll have a report from the white house. new at sourks tonight a dating site meet upsclalts to a sexual assault police say the victim was chat wg a man over a dating site and the two decided to meet. they drove together to the terrace parking lot near the campus where the woman says the man then assaulted her. neither of them attend the school and so far no arrests made. terrified shoppers after a bold robbery and gunfire at an east bay cost ecoour sky ranger over the scene in danville. you can see the yellow tape police blocking off access to the store. this is the second smash and grab robbery at the very same costco in the past ten days again in dan value nbc bay area robert handa joins us. this is a busy store as are all
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costcos. anyone hurt? >> reporter: it looks like maybe more emotionally than physically. we were inside the store a little while ago. the atmosphere was calm. quite a bit different than earlier when witnesses we talked to were shaken after finding themselves in the midst of the robbery and gunfire. the smashed jewelry case is covered now. other repairs will take longer. the gunshots fired during the arm robbery at the danville costco did not do physical harm but did plenty of emotional damage including this woman who police say fell trying to get out of the way of the suspects. she is being treated for shock. police say it started shortly after noon when two individuals headed to the jewelry section. >> i heard a crash and i turned around to see what it was i saw a guy with a hammer and mask hitting the jewelry case. i hit the floor. and i guess he just ran ut. >> that's when the gunshots started. one witness who asked we not show her was walking in and saw
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the suspects running by shooting at employees in pur suits. >> they shot again another shot was fired when he got in the car. as they turned and drove by me -- which i froze i couldn't get out of the way -- there was a costco employees chasing him and he shotgun. barely missing that employee. >> how close were the shots to you? >> too close. >> it's unsettling when you see that kind of violence. >> reporter: now police and witnesses say the suspects fled in a silver four-door camry with paper license plates. and police say they are still investigating to see whether there is a connection to the smash and grab robbery that took place here on may 9th. live in danville, robert handa nbc bay area news. >> thank you robert. a nbc school in san jose evacuated after they found a sfishs suspicious defines on camps. police ee vaekted students at
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bridges edema around 8:30 this morning. the neighborhood sheltered in place. someone placed a $750 millimeter bottle full of some kind of liquid and suspicious writing inside of backpack right in the mitdle of school. >> at this point all i can say it's highly suspicious and it did from nitroglycerin on it we're taking is seriously. >> police are testing the liquid to find out what was in it. the they did search the rest of the campus before clearing the scene. >> also in san jose a fire followed by flooding. happened this morning in a shed on summer street near 680. the flames spreading to two homes. an alert resident managed to get everyone out. >> outside the house i heard some popping noise. and when i saw the smoke i start calling everybody to go out of the house. >> but the problems didn't end with the fire. take a look a water main broke while firefighters were still battling the blaze causing street flooding as you can see
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the san jose water company says the repairs should be finished by 9:00 tonight. well another big one could be on the way. silicon valley cyberexperts show us how to prepare for the next cyberattack. justice for jordy, the man who stapd the 9-year-old little boy as he sleptd in his bed received his sentence but not before hearing from the boy's female jodi hernandez i'll have the emotional details coming up. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri nothing but sunshine here from woodside over towards lafayette in the east bay as well i'll tell you who reaches 96 degrees tomorrow. forecast in less than ten minutes. two years ago -- thieir son was
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killed by a family friend -- during a sleeppover. it was an emotional day for a bay area family. two years ago their son was killed by a family friend during a sleepover. today, that killer was sentenced. he'll spend 30 years to life in prison. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez in court for the hearing and joins us this evening from martinez. >> the friends appear family had a chance to a speak out in court today. william schultz cried as jordy's loved ones described the pain he has caused. jordy's older brother says they've been sentenced to a lifetime of suffering at the hands of someone they thought was a friend.
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jordy's flam hugged outside the courthouse after the judged sentenced the young man who killed their little boy to 30 years to life in prison. 20-year-old william schultz jordy's brothers best friend scabbed the 9-year-old to death as he slept in his bed while over at the house for a sleep over. >> there are no winners. just healing for the defendant's family for our family. >> it's kind of bittersweet. we still don't have our son. >> slults's mother spoke at the sentencing recounting how she tried to get help for the son's mental illness but was dismissed as a hister kal mom. schultz's attorney says he is very remorseful. >> he has made it clear that he has regretted his actions. >> it's tough to believe he would do something like that. >> the otheris boys at the sleep overwhen the killing happened say it's been tough to handle. jordy was like a little brother to them too. >> some of us kind of have a
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hard time sleeping at night with each other we help each other get through it. and we know that in time it gets better. >> friends and family say the joy that jordy brought to the world keeps them going. >> the in a tragedy and dark moment you can always if you choose find joy. that's what we choose. we believe that came from jordy. >> jordy's mother says he was the heart of the family. their baby boy. while he is no longer here, she says they'll love him forever. reporting live in martinez, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> such tragedy for both families thank you jodi. when you thought it was safe to reopen the computer. a new warning to brace yourself and watch your data as computers around the world recover from a giant cyberattack another one could be on the way. our business and tech reporter joins us. scott there a way to protect ourselves. >> there is jessica. you've got some shields against
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the attack hardware not that expensive a thumb drive for the about $30 this hard drive holds a lot. you can find it for about $70 each will back up private data so you won't have to pay a ransom to get it back. as if one rapidly spreading cyberattack wasn't enough, word from silicon valley security firms that another is likely on the way. >> the odds of somebody taking a venerate of this and unleashing the next round are fairly strong. >> san jose networks is tracking what comes next. they say it's likely a large scale attack that will dwarf the recent wannacry attack. >> the first thing i try to figure out is what happened. like what type of attack is this. >> mark miranda says he is ready. we caught up with the south bay developer outside best buy where
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people say they're buying hard drives to back up their private data. >> why are you doing that? >> of course. of course because if that does happen ransomware the one thing i can think about is restore the data. wipe out the hard drive. restore it make sure you update to the latest software. good to go. >> good to go in the short-term say the experts. >> but most fundamentally you've got to renifrpg how to protect yourself not just this weekend or next week but going ahead. what are you going to do that's different in this is at asmirkt fight. >> here of an indication of how many cyberattacks we've had recently. insurance companies are now selling cyberinsurance. you fay por for it like any other insurance policy if you're attacked the company helps you rebuild data and maybe even reimburst you for online ransom payments. >> interesting business plan for that. well the most colorful race in the world is this sunday.
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the 106th bay to breakers. all the runners picking up information and race packets today. about 50,000 people will be walking, dancing, and some of them running through the streets of san francisco. >> with clothing. >> with clothing. >> hopefully. >> a friendly reminder i think we say this every year. no alcohol and more than 1,000 port a potties lining the race course well you know what that means with us pay where you're supposed to bee. >> my gosh you have to go there. >> what's up with the all the rules. >> we need it here we need the rules. >> luckily nice and cool still in san francisco not like other parts of the bay area but it is nice to go outside go to the favorite eatery sit outside. >> no matter where not only tonight but this weekend the perfect weather conditions right across the bay area. >> as we g get a live look outside right now in san jose from hief definition camera you can see it is a clear evening
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out here. as zwres kwa mentioned. great night maybe to head out and check out favorite restaurant dine outside. temperatures going to be dropping down to the 60s once we hit 9:00 and 10:00 in san jose. in terms of tomorrow's forecast, yes it's going to be getting hotter. we talked about 96 degrees looks like concord will be the hottest reaching 996. livermore 93. san jose 92. but then check out coastline, san francisco to half moon bay upper 60s and also low 70s. looking for something to do this weekend it might just be up in the santa rosa if you haven't heard of this it's been around for 123 years. it's the santa rosa rose parade and saturday in downtown. temperatures in the upper 80s by the afternoon and sunner skies. maybe it's not that but it's bay to breakers on sunday. perfect wfrpgt for runners in the morning. clear skies and temperatures in the 60s afternoon up to the 70s with the sunday. on the extended forecast for interior valleys gets the hottest on sunday.
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pushed up the forecast a few more degrees. looks like hitting 96 degrees keeping the fire danger up. through next week cooling by tuesday and wednesday and eventually 70s by next thursday. and friday. you want a longer look at this have another update coming up at 6:48. >> see you shortly thanks jeff. also ahead a mid-air scare l.a. to hawaii interrupted by unruly passenger what he did on the flight that prompted fbi agents to respond. happening now:
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==reveal== we )re getting new information about the attempted robbery of an 11-year old boy near happening now we're getting new information about the attempted robbery of an 11-year-old boy near san francisco suitry roe elementary cool that boy is okay we posted the updated story on the twitter feed. fans of the controversial netflix store. probably recognize where the film was shot we used a map where it was in the bay area series. that flight from l-a to paradise
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-- got dicey. take a look at this video of a man getting arrested on a well that flight from l.a. to paradies got a bit dicey take a look at the video of a man getting arrested on a flight to honolulu for allegedly trying to break into the cockpit. investigators say the passenger not yet identified set off an alarm when i tried pushing through the cockpit door. the man seemed to be intoxicated. and said he tried to get through the door to look for food. happened on an american airlines flight out of lax.
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crew members and passengers helped subdue him. two military jets had to escort the plane that landed safely late this afternoon. the suspect has since been released. well there is a neighborhood battle brewing along the peninsula vofl involving a well-known non-profit. >> has been at that time for humanitity intenting to bltd a complex for the families but neighbors say the builds is too big and too more than michelle roberts joins from us the property in redwood city. michelle. >> reporter: well raj the empty lot behind me where the building expecting to go right now slated to hold 20 families. but some neighbors in the area we talked to say the property is more suited for about 10 families. >> if you're just scraping by on the little guy it's a tough place to live. >> it a one bedroom amount toub downtowns redwood city costs about $2,800 a month which is why has been at that time for humanity wants to add for low
6:26 pm
income fls families. >> we expected to lots of people plooirg. >> mar-on cease the. units look like this five stories of apartments and one story for parking. >> one of the first things it will do it will block all sunlight from my office. >> jeff car works next door to the proposed complex. he fierce downtown redwood city is getting too congested. >> putting a six story pole in the middle of three to you-story historical builds is not what we consider a appropriate respect for the historical status we have. >> he says he speaks on behalf of several neighbors filed a complaint with the planning commission on monday the counsel is expected to vote on the complaint. >> if we have to cut out units we have to cut ou the three and two bedroom units which limits the numbers of families we can do. >> families. for me zbleechlt they will give back to the sbrier community.
6:27 pm
>> they are families he teachers librarians and they're trying to raise a families and plant roots. >> reporter: well kari says i plans to sue the city and habit at that time for humanity if the project is approved appear reporting live in redwood city city. >> just ahead we dint to follow breaking news amber alert for a 21 month old boy abducted by his father. we have a live update from san francisco. next.
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news: a now-statewide amber alert for a missing 21-month old b right now at 6:30 we continue to track breaking news. a statewide amber alert for a missing 21-month-old boy abducted by his father in san francisco. now that search appears to be moving south. now the pair was recently spotted in menlo park but tonight the chp o chp says there is evidence they may be headed to los angeles. >> bringing in nbc kristi smith joining from us the city with the latest on the breaking story and the new information. >> reporter: well, yes, this amber alert stretches all the way to southern california. it's believed that the suspect jason lam may be driving town interstate 5 away from san francisco. where in amber alert originate the and where 21-month-old makai bangoura was taken. according to the district attorney's office he was taken by his father, 30-year-old jason lam who shares custody with the mother who reported the little boy missing thursday. they share joint custody and when her son wasn't returned she
6:31 pm
got new custodyual status and filed a police department report. it's believed offense driving a tan four-door 2000 toyota controla and relatives say he has experienced recently mental breakdowns and his behavior has been erratic. >> this came to our attention through a police report made at theter aville police station here in sfri san francisco working jointly with the san francisco police department we started the investigation sometime today we found out disturbing information regarding the father that really gave us concern. and at which time we initiated an amber alert. >> reporter: now the district attorney's office also released a picture they believe was taken yesterday. at a supermarket in menlo patrick believed to be lam and makai. investigate investigator investigators are back there today. jason lam is 5'3" and 145 pounds. the car has a license plate of 5 sey 238.
6:32 pm
and if anyone sees the car or the suspect they're asked not to approach and instead call the 911. reporting live in san francisco, kristi smith. >> okay kristi thank you. another look now at the 21-month-old boy and his father. again you're urged to call 911 if you see them might be in the tan toyota corala. >> the other top story tonight president trump taking off for first international trip. since taking office. and back at home some very big developments in the investigation into his administration's potential lengths to russia. now the president is set to visit five countries over the next nine days. >> the trip comes amid two new reports questioning ties to russia. investigators are now focusing on a current white house official as a potential person of interest. let's bring in nbc's blaine alexander who joins us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: president trump wheels up for first trip abroad
6:33 pm
judges as two major headlines breaking at home "the new york times" reporting during the oval office meeting with russian diplomats last week president trump called fired director comey a nut job adding firing him the day before would likely ease pressure on the investigation. the white house not denying "the new york times" article but instead are the reporting back to repeated leaks to the press as the national security threat as first reported by the "washington post" dmirmd i nbc news a currently white house official is considered a significant person of interest. the post-reporting now the investigation into russia and possible trump campaign ties is only getting bigger. >> we understand that this investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election has escalated. you're going to see subpoenas, potential interview requests in the coming weeks. >> the president's team leaves washington still reeling from a tumultuous week before taking off the president tweeted will be strongly protecting american
6:34 pm
interests that's what i like to do. >> this is the most important trip a president has taken in a long tomb. he has to show despite what's going on with russia investigation that he is in charge. >> today on capitol hill house members were briefed on the federal investigation into russia and possible trump campaign ties. now in the hands of a special counsel appointed by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. with ongoing questions at loem president trump now going to strengthen u.s. standing abroad. blaine alexander, nbc news washington. irgts. >> we're going to continue to track the trip over the next week both on air and online. we're also updating our digital platforms 24/7 for you. >> it's a growing debate at schools at home and within the medical community. how young is too young for transgender children to undergo medical procedures. >> should young kids be able to start transforms bodies before they each teenage years in investigative roert bigad shaban joips us with that storp. bigad. >> raj and jessica wle it comes
6:35 pm
to treating transgender kids even the brightest medical minds are at odds parents are torn but the kids themselves seem convinced about who they are. >> i'm kind of terrified but most excited i've been my entire life in dl this 12-year-old was born a girl named sophia today taking a major step towards becoming a boy named jack. >> i'm going to be right there. >> okay. >> the sixth grated isser about of to a tiny medical device many planned in the left arm jack's dad and mom are at his side. >> oh gees i'm really terrified. >> the implant stops female puberty and keep him from growing breasts. it was last year when sophia cut off all her hair and decided she was really a he. >> what would you say to people who think kids are just too young to make this kind of decision? >> sure. i'm a kid. but doesn't take a genius to realize i'm not a girl.
6:36 pm
>> an estimated 1.4 million adults in the u.s. identify as trans. 150,000 teens for figures more younger children are largely unknown here in the bay area there are at least six clinics for transkids that currently treat more than 550 children. some kids started therapy at 3 years old to transition socially which means changing their names and wroebs to match the gender they choose. >> as young as three? as young as three. >> paid trishen. as the head of the transgender center as this who want sflo we watch the kids almost be roe born with the body matches gender identity. >> rosen that will and international team of doctors soon will release new medical guidelines for transkids the first time will favor early social transition. allow hormonen therapy for kids under 16.
6:37 pm
>> this could impact children worldwide. >> i personally feel it would be malpractice to withhold that kind of treatment. >> before jack started his transition he says he couldn't even stay stand his own reflection. >> whoa you look in the mirror now what do you see. >> me. i see me. >> i used to have a girl now i have a boy. >> jack's mother. >> what do you see when you see old photos of jack? >> that's hard. yeah. and i think that that is a little -- that's i think the hardest part for me. >> as his mom, do you have doubts? i do. i do. but i can only do what i know right now. is the right thing to do. >> still julianna and even leading doctors worry the medicine that blocks puberty can weaken bones and might cause other unknown side effects. >> i think it's putting a lot on the shoulders of these children.
6:38 pm
>> paid trishen eric is the. >> you think far more children are transitioning now than should. >> that's correct children say a lot of things it's the idea if i behave like a girl therefore i am a girl, well, that's not necessarily true. >> is telling a child to wait to transition sort of the modern day of version telling a gay person it's just a phase? >> i don't think so. people are telling me that these boys who behave like girls are in fantastic a girl inside. so i'm saying well where is the girl? is there a brain difference? are their genes different i have not seen that. >> which kids should transition and when? no one knows for sure. >> so that's about the change to with your study. >> dr. olson is seeing first of its kind research we met here in seattle where she is studying more than 300 transkids from around the country and tracking
6:39 pm
them for 20 years. >> do you feel like you're a little bit a boy? >> a small bit. >> 7-year-old maya is part of the story she was born borrowedy but began identifying asset a girl at three. >> who is borrowedy? >> no one. doesn't exist anymore. >> (shakes head negatively.) >> who is maya? >> me. >> other studies have shone transpeople are nearly ten times more likely to commit suicide but olson says three years into her study she found that kids who were allowed to transition socially aren't anymore congressed than nontrins kids. >> i would rather have a transdaughter than a dead son. >> meghan is maya's mother. >> and to have her say that mom no i'm really a girl, at first you know it's kind of -- it's hard to swallow. but accuracy really it's this child happiness. >> back at the hospital jack's
6:40 pm
life is about to change. >> went really well. >> i didn't feel anything. >> exactly. >> soon after jack does start to feel something. >> i really -- i'm really happy. >> the effects of the implant are largery reversible. but for now jack is saying goodbye to sophia. >> bye-bye. bye-byest roe jenn. >> doctors recommend kids get off that puberty blocker by the time they're 14 for health reigns. that means in two years jack will have to decide whether to start taking test off the record reason to blend in more as a boy to the clingle glide lines how to treat transkids haven't been updated in nearly a decade. raj and jess, the new recommendations likely go into effect by the end of this year. >> all right thank you very much bigad. now if you would like to contact bigad or anyone concerning this investigative story give us call at 1-888-996-tips or send an
6:41 pm
email to the unit at >> okay jeff rarnia back with us talking about this weekend. plan accordingly. because some heat issues we have to deal with. >> got to have the water you have to have the suntan block. >> yeah. >> all the. >> nine yards going to get hot with temperatures in the 90s for the inland valhallas top three risks looking at here is the very thick brush humidity down to 10% and winds 10 to 20-mile-per-hour we'll sell you who hits 96 degrees tomorrow forecast in five minutes. dogs -- or kids -- in the car.
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a good samaritan prompted a dog . with this heat comes a life saving reminder about leaving dogs or kid in the car. a good samaritan prompted a dog rescue in concord. a concerned woman spotted this mother dog and her nine puppies nnlds of a hot car parked on clayton road on wednesday. she flagged down a passing
6:45 pm
police car who rskted the dogs and called animal control. two of the puppies died and investigation will confirm the cause of death. the dogs caretaker was arrested and faces charges of animal cruelty. speed may be to blame for ugly car crash in oakland hills we first brought you the story at breaking news. a car with four people inside hit a tree at redwood road and countries month drive not far from skille line boulevard one person thrown from the car and the other three had to be cut out. tonight two of the victims are listed in critical condition. nbc bay area responds to home owners relied on a popular website to find a reputable contractor. >> they say what they got was kplakt the opposite consumer investigator chris chmura is here with a closer look. >> this service offers to connect you with contractors you can trust. but that's not always happening. kerry pollock used the san francisco based website
6:46 pm
thumbtack to fire a landscaper after baying him $8,000 he bolted before finishing. kari was shocked to learn he was unlicensed so was the second contractor she hired from the site to finish the job. >> the services are not giving you pros as i would call a pro. i think they're giving you people that are like a krags list. it's kind of like anybody can list there. but their name up hang a shingle and there you go. >> thumbtack disagrees. telling us in a statement that when professionals sign up on thumbta thumbta thumbtack agree to abide by the law including licensing laws but we wonned home how many we got post-ed johns got dozens of bids and checked licenses. >> unfortunately what you found by going online isway what we're finding all too off zblon tonight we take the findings to thumbtack as well as the state's contracting board to find out what they have to say about consumers getting ripped off. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 1-888-996-tips, or
6:47 pm slash responds. i'll see you tonight at 11:00. see you then thank you chris. it is call the aggravate show and tell on earth. and it's taking place this weekend. thousands of expected to gather at the san mateo event center the 12th annual maker fair. starts tonight runs through sunday. activities for people who like to be hands on. you can fight a robert to dazzle electronics fans tech a little less scarey drone races. if you want to go tickets raining from $20 to $45 the all the sensory overlead jeff you went i remember you doing all sorts of crazy stuff. >> it's a big deal. >> superfun. good weather for that too. really no matter where you're headed across the bay area there is going to be the perfect forecast for you anywhere from sefrts to 90s. >> and the incoming heat for the
6:48 pm
weekend is all getting kicked off by the area of high pressure starring to build in and as we head into the weekend process o it really is common sense i want to remind you about guys to keep in mind when the pufrpts punish up many stay hydrated take frequent breaks appear remember the hot car danger. 30 degrees inside when parked and turned off remember small children and also of course pets. high pressure again building back in means tomorrow morning a mostly clear start. we'll have a few clouds near the pens loo 57 degrees tri valley starts off at 63. early clouds in san francisco with 54 and the north bay begins sunny and 56. temperatures again on a koim as we head throughout tomorrow's forecast pushing the south bay into the 90s. as we go ahead and get a look you can see for downtown san jose up to 92 degrees, morgan hill 93. we talked about the fire danger
6:49 pm
look at the humidity down to 25% by the around. i even think throughout some of the higher elevations as the winds gust up the humidity could even drop down to the single digits. please watcher out if you're doing camps or lighting up the barbecue. back toward east bay hottest temperatures in concord 96. c car. 92 in pleasenen dooler by the bay by near record setting heat in hayward and also oakland. towards the peninsula, no matter what you want here in terms of weather you can find it. 91 in palo alto. even some great beach weather. sunny skis to the coastline and 68 in half moon bay. up towards san francisco 70s returning. 76 in the mission up towards the marina 72 degrees. north bay we're going up to 90 in napa and even 86 here in mill valley. on the extended forecast san francisco again might just be the spot to be with the low to
6:50 pm
mid-et 70s this weekend. cools down through next week and with 60s and dry the next seven days. if you're here visiting for bay to breakers all about sunday forecast all of you racers out there the forecast couldn't get better. 60s to start on sunday morning and clear skies. as you finish out that race we're looking at low 70s and also more sun. etting to the interior valley forecast hottest there. we push the forecast up to 94 degrees the average on saturday. 96 on sunday. then we cool it back down to the 80s by tuesday and wednesday and then 70s as we head through next thursday and friday. so certainly some relief on the way and the best news no triple digits in the extended forecast. if you like it and you want this weekend you can find everything on the map. >> sounds flies. >> just drive around the bay area experience it all. >> 60s to 90s. >> plenty to do that's a good strategy.
6:51 pm
thanks jeff. >> coming up next we are going to the almow city. the barriers are already in texas. and so are we. colin resch joins us from san antonio. stay with us. riverwalk and focus on tomorrow
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
nights playoff okay what are you do in san antonio on a friday night. >> i know. >> you hang out at the river front and focus on tomorrow a night's big playoff game.
6:55 pm
>> colin resch joins us on the road with the warriors. >> we are here in san antonio we think about this city think of three things wp the river walk hit rind me could be barbecue in the near future. you think of the alamo-on think of the spurs. the warriors only interested in spurs and golden opportunity to take a commanding 3-0 series lead tomorrow night. the team shoot around at the. zaza pachuliaia. so the guy handed on his foot leonard he will will allow six days to recover from the ankle injury if you believe kevin durant leonard will be a go. >> i'm sure he is going to play. game three at home had a few days of rest on the ankle. so i know for a hundred% sure he is going to play. i haven't talked to anybody but just my gut. so they're a way better team obviously with him on the court. pose a different threat. we're excited to play they're
6:56 pm
excited should be a fun matchup. >> we feel like we have a leg up on anybody. the series isn't over. we understand that. and game three is the next most important thing because it's in front of us. >> as for andre iguodala. he also listed as questionable but said today he expects to play. the warriors a perfect 10-0 in the playoffs winning by average ever 17 points a game. tonight at 11:00 why draymond green says who cares. in san antonio kohl resch. >> kohl thank you warriors headquarters they joke about colin he looks like steve kerr. people around san antonio are saying hey coach kerr. >> wearing a gray shirt maybe not. >> we got to talk about the wroeb. >> okay. >> that will do it for us on friday night. stay cool this weekend. >> at least try to we'll be back at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
john deposit on spoofing trump. surprise for orlando bloom about his ex katy perry. pirates mania shuts down hollywood now on "extra". ♪ extra, extra johnny depp in the middle of total pandemonium and mario has got it. >> the trump ism percent nation. >> from his funny presidential spoof to his fifth time as jack sparrow. and he breaks katy perry news to ex orlando bloom. >> i didn't know she was doing that. >> yeah. >> taking a public swipe at taylor swift? breaking couples news. jen garner's first interview since officially filing divorce from ben. newly single amy schumer on a manhunt revealing who she wants to date now. >>sh


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